100 Hits Blues Rock (5CD) [2010, Blues Rock, MP3]

100 Hits Blues Rock (5CD) [2010, Blues Rock, MP3]

Формат: MP3, tracks, 320kbps
Год выпуска: 2010
Страна: All World
Жанр: Blues Rock
Продолжительность: 07:55:55
Размер: 1,06 Гб

100 Hits Blues Rock (5CD) [2010, Blues Rock, MP3]

Формат: MP3, tracks, 320kbps
Год выпуска: 2010
Страна: All World
Жанр: Blues Rock
Продолжительность: 07:55:55
Размер: 1,06 Гб

Сотня лучших блюзовых композиций в исполнении «монстров»
рока. Блюз-рок — гибридный музыкальный жанр, разновидность
рок-музыки, объединяющий элементы стилей блюз и рок-н-ролл. Основу
блюз-рокового звучания составляют электрогитара, бас-гитара и
ударная установка, причём звук электрогитары подвергается искажению
«овердрайв», обычно с помощью лампового гитарного


CD 1

01-Gary Moore-Walking By Myself
02-Joe Cocker-You Can Leave Your Hat On
03-Oscar Benton-Bensonhurst Blues
04-Fleetwood Mac-Black Magic Woman
05-Canned Heat-That`s All Right
06-Paul Rogers-The Hunter
07-The Allman Brothers Band-It`s Not My Cross To Bear
08-Cream-Born Under A Bad Sign
09-Eric Clapton-The Sky Is Crying
10-Bonnie Raitt-Finest Lovin` Man
11-Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush-All Along The Watchtower
12-Free-The Stealer
13-George Thorogood-Madison Blues
14-Creedence Clearwater Revival-Graveyard Train
15-The Doors-Roadhouse Blues (live)
16-Janis Joplin-Misery `N
17-Jimi Hendrix-Bold As Love
18-Led Zeppelin-Dazed And Confused
19-Livin` Blues-Waitin` On You

CD 2

21-Manfred Mann-Stormy Monday Blues
22-Canned Heat-Hill`s Stomp
23-Stevie Wonder-Living For The City
24-Deep Purple-Lazy
25-Livin` Blues-One Night Blues
26-The Rolling Stones-What A Shame
27-Juicy Lucy-Big Lil
28-Jethro Tull-Beggar`s Farm
29-John Mayall-A Big Man
30-Steppenwolf-Hoochie Coochie Man
31-Tina Turner-Night Time Is The Right Time
32-Joe Cocker-Black-Eyed Blues
33-Jeff Beck-Black Cat Moan
34-Eric Clapton-Blues Power (live)
35-Creedence Clearwater Revival-I Heard It Through The G…
36-Aerosmith-All Your Love
37-The Jeff Healey Band-Evil And Here To Stay
38-Gary Moore-Too Tired
39-Paul Rogers-Good Morning Little School Girl
40-George Thorogood-Move It On Over

CD 3

41-Janis Joplin-One Good Man
42-Steppenwolf-Hodge, Podge Strained Through A Leslie
43-Bonnie Raitt-Love Me Like A Man
44-Canned Heat-Sneakin` Around
45-Tony Joe White-Polk Salad Annie
46-Jimi Hendrix-Catfish Blues
47-George Thorogood-One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer
48-Nazareth-Kentucky Fried Blues
49-Slade-I Don’ Mind
50-Tom Fogerty-Rocky Road Blues
51-Ten Years After-I Want To Know
52-Fleetwood Mac-Something Inside Of Me
53-John Mayall-John Lee Boogie
54-Joe Cocker-Inner City Blues
55-Stevie Wonder-You Haven`t Done Nothin`
56-Janis Joplin-Piece Of My Heart
57-The Doors-Crawling King Snake
58-Steppenwolf-Forty Days And Forty Nights
59-Juicy Lucy-Built For Comfort
60-The Beatles-Yer Blues

CD 4

61-Deep Purple-Mistreated
62-Gary Moore-All Your Love
63-Paul Rogers-I Just Want To Make Love To You
64-John Mayall-Mama Talk To Your Daughter
65-Roger Waters-Sexual Revolution (4-41 AM)
66-Eric Clapton-Early In The Morning
67-Joe Cocker-Fever
68-Sting-Rock Steady
69-Stevie Wonder-Jesus Children Of America
70-Janis Joplin-Trust Me
71-Bonnie Raitt-What Is Success
72-Jethro Tull-It`s Breaking Me Up
73-Steppenwolf-Chiken Wolf
74-Ten Years After-I Woke Up This Morning
75-The Jeff Healey Band-Don`t Let Your Change Go By
76-George Thorogood-The Sky Is Crying
77-Paul Rogers-Louisiana Blues
78-Aerosmith-Reefer Head Woman
79-Gary Moore-Oh Pretty Woman (feat. Albert King)
80-Nazareth-Vigilante Man

CD 5

81-Eric Burdon Band-Sixteen Tons
82-The Jeff Healey Band-See The Light
83-Paul Rogers-Rollin’ Stone
84-Roger Waters-What God Wants, part 1
85-Tina Turner-Rock Me Baby
86-Canned Head-Bullfrog Blues (live)
87-Livin` Blues-Crazy Joe (live)
88-Lynyrd Skynyrd-T For Texas (live)
89-Eric Clapton-Driftin` Blues (live)
90-Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush-I`m A King Bee (live)
91-Gary Moore feat. B.B.King-The Thrill Is Gone (live)
92-Aerosmith-Big Ten-Inch Record (live)
93-Grand Funk-Mean Mistreater (live)
94-Nazareth-I Want To Do Everything For You (live)
95-Robin Trower-Father On Up The Road (live)
96-Eric Clapton-Ramblin` On My Mind (live)
97-The Allman Brothers Band-Statesboro Blues (live)
98-Great White-Babe, I`m Gonna Leave You (live)
99-The Doors-Close To You (live)
100-Janis Joplin-Turtle Blues


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